Probate of Wills

The Law Offices of Brent Marshall Bickham realizes the loss of a loved one can be a very devastating event. It may also become more difficult if they did not have a Living Will established. The process of settling the estate is Probate, and must be handled in the courts. Our law firm in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, has a reputation of successfully representing our clients during the Probate process. Schedule your consultation today.
The probate process can be a very complicated. Attorney Brent Marshall Bickham, will apply his wealth of knowledge to achieve favorable results. He knows how to navigate through the courts to get the estate settled in a timely and efficient manner.

Automatic Transfer Assets

Some assets are not under the condition of probate and transfer automatically once the owner passes away. The following are a list of assets that are not subject to probate:

Joint Tenancy – This usually refers to a home or property where there are tenants. Ownership of the entire asset transfers to the surviving joint tenant. A court order is not needed in this circumstance, which is called “right of survivorship”.

Beneficiary Designations These refer to accounts that have a beneficiary named. The most common types of accounts are life insurance policies, retirement accounts and bank accounts. The beneficiaries are automatically entitled to the proceeds of the accounts at the death of the policy holder.

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