Child Custody

Since 1987, Attorney Brent Marshall Bickham has been dedicated to ensuring the best interest of the child is considered when settling custody cases. He will always try to reach common ground with respect to child custody, visitation and support prior to pursuing contested litigation.

Our firm has successfully represented clients in child custody cases over the years. We will use our wealth of knowledge to ensure your interests are totally represented. Our attorney will be with you from start to finish, explaining the process every step of the way. Trust our law firm when experience and professionalism matters the most.

Mississippi Child Support Lawyer

The process of filing for child support can be very frustrating and emotionally challenging. There may be times when one parent may refuse to uphold the child support order of the court. The failure to receive child support payments can create a financial strain for the custodial parent. Contact the Law Offices of Brent Marshall Bickham in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for assistance with your child support order. We have a track record of helping our clients get the financial support they are entitled.

Attorney Brent Marshall Bickham understands how devastating this can become for everyone involved. Over the years, he has gained valuable knowledge in domestic relations, particularly the enforcement of child support. Our firm can file the necessary paperwork required for entering an Income Withholding Order.

Over a period of time, there may be a need for your current child support order to be modified. We will review the current circumstances of both the custodial and non-custodial parents to determine if a need for a modification exists. Once determined, our firm will prepare and file the paperwork.

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